Your Proud Models Featured in Movie Posters

The following designs are featured in our Poster Template Bundle:

Dark Keyhole


Clean Fire

Romantic Scrolls

Dirty Black

Dark Square


Scratch Title

All poster templates are compatible with Photoshop and Gimp.

We photographers want to give our models and clients a wow-experience, which they won’t get from any other photographer. Something which makes them so proud, that they feel like we transformed them. Something which makes them so excited that they have to talk to their friends about it and that it makes them showing their photos around.
An excellent way to achieve this is to glorify them by featuring their precious photo in a movie poster. Who did not dream about being a movie star one day. The subject in front of your camera certainly did. Bring up their dream again and let them enjoy this uplifting fantasy again.

All you need to do is open one of our easy to use layered Photoshop templates from our Poster Template Bundle and follow the instruction given in the templates to

a) add your own photo in the template and
b) change the text shown on the movie poster

The layer for your photo is already prepared in the templates so that generating a movie poster is as easy and as fast as possible for you.

Feature your models name and your name, credit other people who helped in the shoot and don’t forget to add a URL to your website on the poster.

The templates will give you high resolution posters. You can print it out large, hand them over to your subject or use them as eye catchers in your studio.

However, what is even more effective is posting such spectacular posters on the facebook walls of your subjects and of people who helped in the shoot. Such movie posters get a boat load of comments and spread very far on facebook. Featuring your name and your website address, the posters are going to give you a real competitive edge over other photographers.

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Upon purchase you can directly download it as one .zip file (287.4MB), unpack it and start using it with your photos.

Don’t pay if you don’t love the posters
Download the Poster Template Bundle. Try out the posters with your best photos. If you don’t love what you see, then you don’t pay. In this case, please write an email to [email protected] within 60 days of your purchase. Your money will be instantly refunded.


Retro Trio

Free Promo Bonus

At this moment the Poster Template Bundle comes with a very special bonus template. It’s named “Retro Trio” and it is going to be featured in an additional Poster Template Bundle in the future. This stylish template provides space for 3 individual photos of yours. As a limited time promotion you will get it for free together with the 6 templates in the Poster Template Bundle today. All you have to do is to purchase the bundle today and to give it a try.

The bundle is designed to make your subjects so proud of their photos, that they let posters with your name and URL go viral among their friends. So use the posters to generate a win-win for everybody involved in your photo shoots.