Your Reference eBook for Baby Belly Photography

The Art of Baby Belly Photography

WARNING: If you are offended by nude photographs then DO NOT DOWNLOAD this ebook. 
I'm not kidding, this is no marketing bla bla, I am serious about it.

With this eBook we provide you with everything you need know in order to become excellent at

portraying female beauty during pregnancy

  • Posing her for charming pictures with belly
  • Lighting setups which work for bump and beauty
  • Our best photo ideas from cliché to creative

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The guide you are about to download is meant to demystify every aspect of maternity photography and deconstruct all the important elements of this craft. If you read it carefully and implement everything we will have taught you, you will be able to produce jaw-dropping images that will definitely win the hearts of your clients.

“We” refers to our team. Gina, Julia, Renzy, Oleg and Michael were all pouring their heart into each of these pages especially as baby belly photography is such a heart-melting genre. Above that a number of awesome photographers have contributed excellent examples for baby belly photos which illustrate a huge variety of aspects of this genre.

Tips, tricks and 5 actionable steps

We like our readers to follow us through 5 steps of baby belly photography in order to master it on all levels:

  1. Essentials like the choice of gear and the timing of baby belly photo shoots
  2. Lighting the way which brings the best out of her
  3. Do’s and don’ts of posing a pregnant model
  4. Clothing and why pregnancy trousers are out
  5. Shooting ideas for the perfect picture

The entire course is nicely packed into a handy eBook in PDF format. You are free to keep a copy of it on all of your devices. It's working great on PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android, Nook, Kindle and any device which can display a simple PDF.

We are absolutely positive that learning to shoot maternity images that are truly amazing is more than worth all of the time and effort invested. It will put you in an enviable position of an artist who can dispel a pregnant model’s fears and insecurities, making her proud and happy to have chosen you as her photographer. You will deliver amazing value to your clients and they will love you for it!

Download the Calibration Wallpaper  

If the ebook does not help, then you don't pay

It might sound cheesy but it's the way it is: If my ebook does not improve your photography, then I don't want you to pay for it. In this case, please write an email to [email protected] within 60 days of your purchase. Your money will be instantly refunded and you keep the ebook and the cheat sheet.

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Once you had a chance to read through the ebook and maybe try out some of the 
lighting setups and techniques, please let me know how you liked it and how it 
worked for you.